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Pure Lignisul MSM Crystalline Powder

1# bag: $10.00

Note: The following is printed information from a company that sells this particular brand of MSM in bulk, and results may vary from their claims. We have had exceptional results from the use of MSM personally, but that may not apply to everyone. This MSM is from Lignisul, and is a pure product without any flow agents added. Added to a hot liquid, it dissolves more readily.


MSM Crème

Massage into muscles and joints for pain relief; Most effective if used in conjunction with Vitamin C.  Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Emu Oil, Lignisul MSM, Emulsifying Wax, Palm Stearic Acid, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Vitamin E Oil, Polysorbate 20, Pure Essential Oils.

One ounce jar:  $7.50 each

Potential Health Benefits of MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane)


Most people have heard of DMSO, and how hundreds of thousands of people have been helped by using DMSO. A few years ago, the world's leading DMSO researcher, the eminent Dr. Stanley Jacobs of the Oregon Health Sciences University, discovered and was able to isolate an extremely important and beneficial part of DMSO. It is referred to as Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane, and is simply known as MSM. MSM is a nutritional form of biological sulfur. It is an amazing, naturally occurring vital nutrient found in all living organisms and foods, and has many desirable properties and effects for wellness and overall good health! It looks and feels like cane sugar and is slightly bitter. Biological sulfur is the third largest ingredient found in the human body.  Methyl-sulfonyl-methane is not a chemical, drug, petroleum byproduct, stimulant, synthetic food additive, or any other non-organic substance. It is completely safe, odorless, and non-toxic and has been tested and proven to provide relief from many health problems (without any side effects).  Dr. Jacobs states in his book, The Miracle of MSM, that it is as safe as water, and has been used in their clinical practice for over 20 years.


Relieve stress and constipation; help combat candida yeast infections; relieve asthma, emphysema, arthritis, and tendonitis; reduce muscle cramps and back pain; increase stamina and relieve lactic acid build-up during workouts; detoxify and energize the body; increase blood circulation; strengthen capillary walls and keep cells from becoming rigid; reduce varicose veins; help keep hormones in balance; relieve allergies to foods, drugs, and environmental irritants; aid the liver in bile secretion and choline production; control stomach acidity while maintaining the body's normal pH balance; coat and help heal intestinal walls; increase the body's ability to produce insulin; aid in carbohydrate metabolism; boost vitamin, mineral, amino acid, & antioxidant utilization; speed wound healing; and assist with collagen synthesis thus keeping hair, skin, and nails healthy and beautiful.


MSM is a natural form of organic sulfur found in all living organisms, and is present in low concentrations in our body fluids and tissues and needs to be replaced daily. It is estimated that the human body uses up at least 1/8 teaspoon of MSM each day! It is found in a variety of fresh foods, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and milk. Unless your diet is composed primarily of raw foods, it is unlikely that you are receiving enough MSM for proper health management. When we process our foods with heat or drying, we lose most of the MSM that is vital to our well-being. MSM helps our bodies utilize the vitamins that we take in, providing the means to derive the maximum benefit from those vitamins. MSM is part of the Amino Acid Chain. Without the proper amount of MSM in our bodies, the amino acids will continue to build the glands, but fail to produce the correct enzymes, making us prone to unnecessary illness. MSM is the flexible bond between proteins. When a cell dies, a new cell takes its place. Without the needed amount of MSM, it attaches but becomes rigid. When tissues lose their flexibility, problems develop with the lungs and other parts of the body.


MSM is the missing link in our food chain. One-fourth of 1% of our total body weight is sulfur. The body needs about one (1) tablespoon a day for maintenance alone and more with increased activity. A single dose of MSM is usually not effective in ameliorating symptoms. Noticeable results are usually seen within 2 to 21 days. The amount of MSM in each dose is not critical. The minimum individual dose is about 750-1000 mg twice a day. However, total daily dosages of 1500 to 5000 mg are recommended (2500 to 5000 mg being preferable). For a maximum benefit, it's recommended to use an initial "load" dose of 3000 mg twice a day (this dose can be safely continued indefinitely for maximum results). After initial treatment, physical energy levels should increase. The benefit of MSM will further be enhanced when 2000 mg or more of Vitamin C is consumed with it; Glucosamine also will increase the effects. A level teaspoon is approximately 4,000 mg.


MSM or DMSO2, a derivative of DMSO, has been found in primitive plants such as Equisetum arvense and in the adrenal cortex of cattle. MSM is found naturally in food when food is fresh, it is driven out of all foods, even with moderate processing. The "S" in DMSO2 stands for sulfur, most people are sulfur deficient unless they eat their fish and meat raw and their vegetables uncooked. MSM is present in most green plant food stuffs and certain algae, and a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains in small amounts.


If MSM is found in all foods, why do we need to supplement with MSM? Because of its volatile nature, MSM is quickly lost from food when it is processed, cooked, and/or stored. The second you pick fruit or vegetable from the tree or vine, it begins rapidly losing the MSM. Even in meat MSM is not abundant as it used to be. Today, animals are being fed with dried, stored grasses, hay, and grains, deficient in MSM. When your body uses the MSM molecule to produce a new cell, the MSM is lost forever. We need to continuously replace the body's supply of MSM to produce new and healthy cells. A conventional diet does not supply the minimum requirement of MSM. It is absent in synthetic food additives, dietary mineral compositions, food substitutes, and most fillers used to dilute or modify foods. With today's modern diet of cooked and otherwise processed and diluted foods most if not all, diets of civilized man are deficient in this critically important ingredient. The body uses MSM to create new and healthy cells. Vitamins and amino acids work with MSM during this process. Without proper levels of MSM our bodies are unable to build good healthy cells, and this leads to illness. Our bodies are producing new cells 24 hours per day. If your body doesn't receive the proper nutrition and building materials it needs it will produce unhealthy dysfunctional cells deficient of the basic ingredients that constitute a healthy cell. If we want a good flexible cell, capable of maintaining good health, we need to supplement our diets with MSM, which enables the body to heal itself. Your body knows what it needs. It will use MSM wherever it is needed in your system. Give your body the MSM it needs so it can build itself strongly and heal itself when necessary. Nutritional sulfur is an essential building block for over 150 life-sustaining substances.


MSM is as safe as drinking pure water. It can never hurt anyone. Because of its inert nature, MSM is non-allergenic, non-pyretic, and has no interfering or undesirable pharmacological effects. It can even be used as a safe blood dilutent. You cannot overdose with MSM. The body will use what it needs and after 12 hours, will flush any excess amounts out of the body. Because it is a free radical and foreign protein scavenger, MSM cleans the blood stream, so allergies to food and pollens go away. There is one side effect, however, your fingernails and hair will grow faster and become stronger! This is because there is more MSM in hair and nail cells than in any other part of the body. In their book, "The Miracle of MSM, The Natural Solution to Pain", medical doctors Stanley Jacob and Ronald Lawrence state they have used MSM in their clinical practice for over twenty years, and state there is no interference with any drugs that are being taken.


1. Sulfur is a mineral found in rather high concentrations in our body tissues. About half of the body's total sulfur is concentrated in the muscles, while the other half is found in the brain, hair, skin and bones. Sulfur comprises 0.25 percent of our body weight.

2. Sulfur has a vital relationship with protein, since sulfur is found in the amino acids methionine, cystine, and cysteine. Thus, these amino acids are known as the sulfur bearing amino acids which are considered the building blocks of protein.

3. The sulfur-bearing amino acid methionine is absolutely essential to health! This means is must be supplied by live food, or the food supplement MSM. A lack of proper protein in our diet therefore means a lack of the vital organic sulfur necessary for good health. Proteins contain sulfur, while carbohydrates and fats do not.

4. Sulfur is necessary for collagen synthesis. Collagen is an insoluble fibrous protein found in vertebrates. It is the dominant component of connective tissue fibrils and bones. Sulfur operates as a synthesizer and activator with the B vitamins, thiamin, Vitamin C, biotin, and pantothenic acid, all of which are needed for metabolism and healthy nerves.

5. Sulfur plays an important part in tissue breathing, the process whereby oxygen and other substances are used to build cells and release energy.

6. Sulfur also helps to maintain overall body balance between acidity and alkalinity, and works importantly with the liver to excrete bile.

7. Research indicates that perhaps sulfur's most important health role is in carbohydrate metabolism, which is significant for hypoglycemics and diabetics. Sulfur is a significant component of insulin, the protein hormone secreted by the pancreas that is essential to the metabolism of carbohydrates. A lack of nutritional sulfur in the diet can result in low insulin production. On the other hand, a diet that contains adequate amounts of sulfur might increase the body's ability to produce insulin to the point where insulin injections can be reduced.

8. Because nutritional sulfur helps keep skin, hair and nails healthy, it has been referred to as "Nature's Beauty Mineral."


95% of MSM users report that ENERGY is the first result. MSM does so many positive things that it is one of the hottest subjects in the area of alternative medicine. Some of the information below was excerpted from studies that were conducted at the Department of Surgery of the Oregon Health Science University in Portland, Oregon.

ALLERGIES: Oral MSM moderates diverse allergic responses as to pollen and foods. Anti-allergy medication and dissemination methods may be sharply reduced. An allergic reaction is simply your body's reaction to something foreign in your system. These foreign proteins and free radicals invade your body and cause reactions and problems. Your body responds with a sneeze, wheeze, swollen, puffy eyes, etc. When you take MSM, your cells become more permeable, enabling your body to quickly wash out any foreign particles in your system. Every twelve hours your body is designed to flush each cell of any unwanted debris. When your diet is deficient, the cell walls become hard and stiff and this hinders fluid flow through the cell walls. MSM softens the cell walls, allowing foreign proteins and free radicals to be washed out of your system.

DIABETES & HYPOGLYCEMIA: The cells in the body have become rigid and non-permeable. The insulin carries the blood sugar to your cells but do not become absorbed because the cell walls are not permeable and prevent all the blood sugar to penetrate the cell walls. The pancreas works to hard and fast to compensate for the deficiency, but becomes injured and stops working correctly. The blood sugars that are not being used saturate the blood stream, creating a high level of blood sugar. By taking MSM regularly, your cells may become permeable and the pancreas begins to be repaired. The blood sugars are now being absorbed by/through cell walls and the body becomes healthier.

LUNGS & EMPHYSEMA: Limited objective and strong subjective evidence suggests that MSM is a useful dietary supplement to reduce lung dysfunction. Emphysema is not caused by smoking. But the smoking burns the tissue in the lungs so that the cells are dying faster than the body is able to replace them with new cells. When cells are dying in a hurry and you're not giving your body enough building materials, you start losing the flexibility in the lungs and they tear. If this happens too often, and you still don't provide the necessary building materials, you start to build a type of scar tissue. MSM gives your body the building materials it needs to make good flexible cells and strong lungs, with the ability to expand and contract freely.

MUSCLE CRAMPS / SORENESS: MSM has the surprising ability to reduce the incidents of, or eliminate entirely, muscle cramps, Night leg cramps, muscle spasms, leg and back cramps after long periods of inactivity or in Athletes such as runners, who experience cramps during the participation in their sport. The MSM disallows the crystallization and build up of lactic acid. The MSM flushes the lactic acid out, along with all the other bad toxins in your system.

PAINS & INFLAMMATIONS: MSM works on aches and pains associated with systematic inflammatory disorders. Individuals presenting signs and symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with various musculoskeletal system disorders reported substantial and long lasting relief while including MSM in their daily diet. Migraine sufferers have obtained substantial relief with MSM. MSM helps to make the cell walls more permeable which increases circulation. By increasing circulation there is less build up of pressure and in effect less pain. Taking the MSM regularly will help maintain good circulation and low pressure. Think of a cell as a balloon full of water but instead of rubber it's protein. When the protein is tough the water pressure inside the cell can become much greater than the water pressure outside the cell, and this causes inflammation or inflating of the cell. This is where most pain comes from. Aspirin shuts the nerve off but the cell is still damaged. MSM affects the protein so that the water freely flows through the cell wall, taking toxins out and getting more nutrition in. That is why a person with emphysema and asthma experience immediate relief. The cells flexibility enables more oxygen and nutrition to get inside the cell. MSM improved the chemical profile of arthritic patients (e.g. providing relief from pain and stiffness, reduced swelling and inflammation, coupled with a return of blood chemistry toward normalcy).

MICROBIAL INFECTIONS: MSM has an alleviating or curing effect on a variety of parasitic microbial infections. Efficacy can be determined by in vitro testing to determine growth inhibition or killing of the specific Organism by exposure to MSM at various concentrations. MSM has the ability to return the parasite susceptible tissue to normalcy with no impairment or injury to the host. Since MSM is an anti-parasitic it is also effective against diverticulosis. Hook worms, tape worms, and pin worms hang on to the pockets in the colon. MSM fills in the pockets and leaves a natural Teflon-like coating that they can't cling on to. As the worms hatch they flush out, preventing diverticulosis and constipation. Clinical tests suggest that MSM has an activity against a variety of medically important parasitic tracts. MSM, for example, is active against Giardia, Trichomondads, and round worms. MSM may affect such infections by competing for binding or receptor sites at the mucous membrane surface, presenting a blocking interface between host and parasite.

PMS: MSM helps the glands maintain a normal level of production. The normal level of enzymes, acids, and hormones, allows the body to go in and out of the cycle smoothly eliminating the cramps, headaches and nausea that come with the monthly cycle.

ULCERS: Your amino acids are all sulfur bonders, without the sulfur they are not complete. When they build a gland, the gland puts out hormones and enzymes that work as thermostats for chemical production in your body. Without the sulfur, the glands do not work right - they produce too much stomach acids and you get ulcers.

WATER RETENTION: The kidneys start slowing down due to some bad cells. The MSM gives the body the building blocks it needs to make good cells.

CONSTIPATION: Particularly in the older population seen in our clinic, chronic constipation can be a medical problem of concern. To date, many subjects presenting chronic constipation have gained prompt and continuing relief by supplementing the diet with 100 to 500 mg of MSM per day. MSM is being used in nursing homes to help this problem.

DOSAGE: We started with 1/4 teaspoon of MSM twice a daily, with breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening. Taking the MSM with a meal reduces any gastro-intestinal distress. As your body becomes used to the MSM, Increase to 1/2 teaspoon, and then increase to 1 teaspoon twice daily as your body adjusts. You may add a teaspoon mid-day with your meal, as well, if necessary. When you have achieved the desired pain relief, you may cut back on the dosage until you find your maintenance level.  We take Natural Factors Ester C along with the MSM, using Vitamin C in a ratio of 1:4 with MSM, or 4,000 mg MSM to 1,000 mg Vitamin C, twice daily.  This is simply a guideline suggested by health professionals, and may vary from individual to individual. 

The information presented on these pages is not meant to replace traditional medical care.  The readers are responsible for their own health.  In offering the remedies on these pages, we assume you are using them at your own discretion and as a result of personal research regarding their safety and effectiveness.  List owner assumes no liability for improper use of the information and products listed in these pages.


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