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Known as the Abundance Stone, Aventurine is said to increase visionary powers. It is a stone of opportunity and good luck, with a stabilizing effect. It aids in releasing anxiety and fear and stimulates muscle tissue. Beneficial for health and well-being, it is associated with the heart chakra.


Copper cherubs are combined with Green Aventurine stars to dangle enchantingly from your ears, $15.00.

Green Aventurine points are framed in a gold-toned hoop, $15.00.

Red Aventurine points dangle in a gold-toned hoop, $15.00.

Red Aventurine beads and hearts combine with liquid gold twisted tubes and antiqued gold fancy beads. This 28 inch necklace nestles with matching earrings in a lovely hand-crafted collage art box. $45.00

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