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Carnelian teaches us a reverence for nature and our own physical cycles, grounding to the physical plane. It activates creativity and practical application of ideas, stimulates energy, physical power and courage. It enhances sexual expression. Use Carnelian to channel energy from anger, depression and doubt into behavior that promotes self-expression and self-love.


Carnelian beads pair with brass fairies for an enchanting combination, $15.00.

Antiqued silver and Carnelian beads combine in delicate design, $l5.00.

Cloisonne beads pair with Carnelian chips in a sterling silver hoop, $15.00.

Carnelian beads and chips are combined with liquid gold twisted tubes and gold beads to form a 25" long necklace.  Earrings complete the set, packaged in an elegant collage gift box.  $45.00


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