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Herbal Neck Wraps

Fashioned in soft fabric in a variety of colors, these Aromatherapy Herbal Neck Wraps contain the following herbs:  Anise Seed: Soothes indigestion and congestion; Cinnamon Sticks:  Anti-spasmodic; Chamomile: Nerve tonic, relaxant, relieves tension and stress, headaches and weariness; Hops: Sedative, relaxing, encourages sound sleep; Rosemary:  Headache relief, relaxes muscles; Sage Leaf: Relieves stress and mental grief; Fennel Seed: Warming, mild stimulant; Peppermint Leaf: Opens pores, clears sinus passages, pain support, anti-spasmodic, stimulant; Lavender: Nerve tonic, soothing, helpful for migraines and insomnia, mental relaxant to raise the spirits; Spearmint: Relaxant, nerve support, energizing; Rosebuds: Relieves headaches; Lemon Peel: Analgesic, cooling, uplifting; Orange Peel:  Uplifting; Valerian: Anti-spasmodic relaxant; White Willow: Relieves pain; Yarrow: Relaxing, supports the body.

To use:  Heat in microwave for no longer than 1-1/2 minutes.  Arrange herbs so they are evenly distributed in the wrap, and place around neck/shoulders or wherever there is pain in the body.  May lie on herbal wrap, if desired, for back pain.  Store in its plastic zip-lock bag when not in use, to preserve the scent of the herbs.


Herbal Eye Pillows

Warm your eye pillow in the microwave for 30 seconds or place it in the freezer, depending on whether you need heat or coolness.  Then, lie back, relax, and place it over your eyes with the silken side next to your face.  Eye pillows come in a variety of lovely fabrics (velvet or corduroy embellished with metallic touches) with a coordinating silken lining, in different scent combinations, all combined with organic flax seed.   Please state preference of scent.

$10.00 each

Chamomile Flowers with Red Sandalwood

Lavender and Spearmint

Peppermint and Spearmint

Pink Rosebuds, Rosemary and Spearmint


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