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Jasper offers protection and enables you to work with heavy negativity. It stabilizes emotions and represents the earth elements. Jasper is reputed to reduce fears and insecurities, and to strengthen the liver, bladder and gallbladder.




The jasper pendant shown is combined with African jade and copper beads to enhance the colors in the jasper. It is hung on a long rattail cord. It comes in a hand-fashioned collage gift box. Pendant and box, $25.00







Stamped brass metal suns dangle from jasper hearts, $15.00 pair.

Jasper hearts and tiger eye beads, combined with silver studs, $12.00.

Fancy Jasper beads are matched with antiqued-gold beads and spacers, $12.00.

Antiqued Chinese coins dangle from Jasper hearts and beads, gold-tone metal, $15.00.


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